Transfering Method!

We can Transfer software things. Data in computers over Wired and Wireless media.
If we can send Invisible, Intangible things, why can't we send visible, tangible things!
We Can!!!.... the problem is we have to find the Mothed!... :)

අපට නොපෙනෙන, අස්පර්ශනීය දේ වයර්, කේබල්, වාතය, ඊත‍ර හෝ හිස් අවකාශය හ‍රහා යවන්න හැකි නම්, ඇයි අපට පෙනෙන, දැනෙන, ස්පර්ශනීය දේ ඒ හ‍රහා යවන්න බැරි?!
බැරි නෑ මිත්‍රවරුනි!.. අපි ඒ ක්‍රමය හොයා ගමු!... :)

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  1. We can go through the space by plane or spaceship and we can send goods that way too. however we cannot send something that has intrinsic mass at or near the speed of light because then its mass tend to become infinite. only light can travel this way through the Ether( we don't believe idea of ether now) or space .Your thought is good but that comes to mind of anyone who has not really studied the physics. why do you need to send those things that way?